What We Do

Parent Up is a messaging campaign dedicated to keeping children safe from the harms of alcohol and other drug use. Our campaign is rooted in evidence-based research and prevention.  Decades of studies clearly demonstrate that using alcohol, nicotine, or other drugs is harmful for the developing adolescent brain (for youth and young people under age 25).

Parent Up advocates that:

  • It is not acceptable for children and teens to consume any amount of alcohol, nicotine, or other drugs.
  • Allowing minors to drink or use other drugs puts parents and children at risk of health and legal consequences.
  • Our teens may be responsible individuals with many life experiences, but their brains are still rapidly developing until about age 25. Alcohol and other drugs are not safe while they continue to grow.

We provide:

  • Resources to equip you to start conversations with your children, build trust, and help them make smarter, safer decisions.
  • Outreach in Kansas City, Missouri’s Northland communities to help empower parents to speak to their children about substance use.
  • And outreach to keep our area youth safe from the harms of underage alcohol and drug use.

Our Mission

We strive to prevent all underage drug use by encouraging parents to communicate with their children about this issue. Since parents have the greatest influence on their children’s decision to not use drugs or alcohol, our mission is to provide parents with the knowledge and resources they need to keep their children safe and healthy.


Parent Up is a campaign based in Clay, Platte, and Ray counties in and around Kansas City, Missouri.  Parent Up strives to eliminate youth substance use. Our campaign has been ongoing since 2012, operating primarily from federal and state prevention grants and funding. The campaign name “Parent Up” originated in Vermont.

Media Toolkit

Copy-and-paste-ready materials that will help you communicate the key messages of this campaign. Download the Media Toolkit now.

Print Resources

The Parent UP Campaign offers a number of excellent resources for parents and families. Visit our Tools page for more information.

Download the Logo

Download the Parent UP logo for use in handouts, announcements or other printed materials.