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Select a drug topic to learn more about the drugs most commonly used by teens today. For each drug, we’ll break down what it is, what the risks to youth are, and what you can do as a parent to prevent your child from using. We get specific with talking tips, our 4C’s (care, connect, communicate, and careful attention), warning signs of use, and more helpful resources and tools for each drug.

Alcohol kills more teens each year than all other drugs combined. Learn more about how alcohol and teens shouldn’t mix. No exceptions.

Laws and norms are changing quickly, but one thing stays the same: No amount of marijuana use is safe for our kids and teens. Learn more about how you can prevent teen marijuana use.

The teen vaping epidemic that has swept through our high schools and has made its way into our middle schools. A new generation is getting hooked on nicotine. Learn how you can prevent it.

There’s a dangerous misconception among youth that medicine can’t be harmful. Find out why that’s far from the truth, and what you can do to prevent misuse of these drugs.

Need help for your child? Worried your child may be using alcohol or other drugs?

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