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Setting Expectations

No matter their age, kids need rules, boundaries, consequences, and guidelines. When you make these things clear and keep them consistent, your child is more likely to make good decisions because they’ll know where you stand.

Need to set up some house rules and expectations?  Or maybe your teen needs to revisit them with your guidance? Either way, you’ll both be on the same page with this resource!

Keep this checklist handy to remember all the things you need to talk about when your teen goes out (and tips for when they get home).

The issues teens face today are often too difficult to address alone. Let your child know you care by reviewing and signing this contract with them. It’s great for encouraging conversation too!

Rules provide a concrete way to help teens understand what is expected of them and learn self–control. Setting firm consequences for when rules are broken is actually helpful, making it clear what teens can do and not do. With this resource, you can watch your teen go out with confidence.

Need help for your child? Worried they might be using alcohol or other drugs?

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