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7 Important Steps

  1. Set clear “no-alcohol” rules.
  2. Establish consequences.
  3. Enforce and follow through.
  4. Review rules regularly.
  5. Know where they are.
  6. Know who they are with.
  7. Know what they are doing.

Parent Resources

Visit our Resources and Tools page to find research, information and printed materials to help you communicate effectively with your children about the dangers of underage drinking.

Parent Tips

Visit our Parent Communication Tips page for great pointers on talking with your kids about the dangers of alcohol.

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Be clear:

Tell your child often where you stand concerning alcohol! Make sure you know the harmful effects of alcohol on youth.  Make sure all the adults in your house talk it over in advance and are on the same page.

Be specific:

Let your child know that you expect them to be alcohol free! Research shows that most children respond best to clear rules and consequences.  Tell your child where you stand on using alcohol.   Remind them of your expectations and desires for them to stay alcohol-free until they are 21.

Be consistent:

Enforce rules and consequences!  Establish a no alcohol use rule for your kids. Work with your child to establish a fair “No Use” contract.  Explain the consequences for breaking this rule and follow through if a rule is broken.